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A space domain where everything is detected, tracked, characterized and protected.


The Commercial Space Operations Center (ComSpOC) fuses satellite tracking measurements from a global network of commercial sensors to generate the world's most accurate Space Situational Awareness (SSA). ComSpOC delivers exquisite resident space object characterization and mission assurance services to monitor threats and sustain safety in space.

ComSpOC is not a concept, it is the first and only operational commercial SSA center of its kind in the world. Others talk about it, but we’ve been doing it since 2014.

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- Diverse global network with multiple partners

- Multiple sensor phenomenologies including optical, radar and passive RF

- Tracked over 9,000 public catalog objects in LEO, MEO, HEO and GEO

- Tracked and analyzed non-public objects

- Government and commercial contracts

The result is a very robust system with software processing prowess not capable even with the combination of other tools. Designed for ultimate flexibility, we are not limited to specific data formats nor specific sensor types. This fusion of optical, passive RF, active RF, and radar into a single process creates the most exquisite satellite data possible.

Now that technology is allowing new sensors to be extremely capable and affordable, the number of available sensors and networks is growing rapidly. Getting sensors and their data has become the easy part of the SSA problem. Satellite observations are quickly turning into very big piles of data. Making sense out of this data is where we come in. More observations doesn’t necessarily mean better results.

ComSpOC’s true power is our processing capability and unmatched orbit determination abilities. We create our High Definition Ephemeris (HiDEph) and other meaningful SSA data products faster than any other system in existence. And we can do it for the entire catalog.

SpaceBook, the next Generation Space Catalog, is how our customers get their exquisite SSA data from ComSpOC. A SpaceBook subscription includes our very accurate orbit data, maneuver detection, characterization, conjunction assessment, and other analysis to ensure safety of flight and mission.

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